Friday, November 29, 2013

Sorry I Kinda Died...

       Okay obviously I didn't really die and I didn't have a near-death experience but I just mean I haven't posted in a while.  Just in case that wasn't clear (although I hope it was...)

     I've been getting homework and tests and quizzes like crazy for the past few months.  It's absolutely RIDICULOUS!  I get that since the holidays are around it's hard on teachers because there's so much to do and such little time to do it, but it just gets annoying because I know longer have a life.  And by life I mean internet life, of course, because obviously I don't have a real life-life (uh derrr).
     Should be under rants, right?  Well I'm complaining to you about this right now because it's gonna allow you to understand why I haven't posted in a while/died everywhere else too.  Except school.  I'm SO over school right now.  I want to collapse and die figuratively and literally not have to go to school anymore, I don't even care if that makes sense to you.  I'm just hoping that I'm finally done with the benchmarks and tests after the next week... Because if this much homework and nonsense continues I don't think I'll be getting any sleep.  I usually go to bed at 10:30 on weekdays, but there have been a few occasions where I've gone to bed an hour later DUE TO HOMEWORK.  LET ME CLARIFY THAT THIS IS FOR HOMEWORK THAT WILL BE IRRELEVANT TO ME IN TEN YEARS.  SERIOUSLY.  I'm fine with a little homework, but seriously; teachers themselves don't give too much homework, but all together it just gets crazy.
     I'm so happy that I have a long weekend!  Although I will say it kinda throws me off because today is Friday but it feels like Sunday.  Any suggestions for what I should blog about?  Anything you wanna ask me?
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

♥ Staying in Your Pajamas All Day... ♥

     Hilo!  So I stayed in my pajamas all day... and did nothing productive.  I was lazy and all I accomplished was watching TV and eating.  It was perfect!  And while there's a problem with the fact that I'd probably be lazy everyday if I could, I don't really care.  I probably won't have another day like this for a while, plus I stayed home all day and it's Saturday.  Saturday is practically National Lazy Day... (well it should be so I can make myself sound like I'm just following a socially acceptable tradition).  
    Tomorrow I'm seeing Thor!  :)  I can't wait until there's another Iron Man movie (at least I hope... don't take my word for it, but a girl can dream.  I like Iron Man too much, sorry nerd alert and I don't care anyway so).  I have to go back to school on Monday, which I find ridiculous considering it'll be Veteran's Day and like every other school is taking off.  Yeah, I got to have a four day weekend, but still.  It's a holiday.  More holidayish than Halloween!  So why can't I get one more day off?  Told you I'm really lazy...  I guess that's really it; another short post about my life.  I suppose it makes sense, considering I did nothing today.  :)  Bye!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I think you can see progress....


     Hilo fellow earthlings!  So I have two benchmarks tomorrow, and I had a test today in health.  I also had a quiz in pre-algebra on Monday.  Fun, right?  How 'bout no...  At least I have a four day weekend though, which kind of makes up for this.  It's just hard to study for 80 million things in one week, let alone one day.  It wouldn't seem like such a big deal if it wasn't two benchmarks; you have to review everything for benchmarks.
     It's also the start of the new marking period today.  Nothing was really different except the two electives, but I miss Intro to Engineering and Art.  :(  Yesterday in Engineering, my teacher told me that we didn't get to robotics, but he's changing everything so all the other classes get to robotics, so that's kind of a bummer considering I was really looking forward to robotics.  Spanish doesn't seem like it will be that bad because my teacher said if we're good we'll get food near Christmas.  As long as the food is good I'm in.  ;)  Music is kind of scary... there's a LOT of people in my class and I'm pretty sure that you can tell that I am NOT a people person...  Plus my teacher's voice is slightly annoying.  It's not her as a person or anything but some voices are just like nails on a chalkboard.  I might get used to it though...
     I guess that's it for now... thought this post would be longer, but I guess not.  Bye!

Monday, November 4, 2013

♥ whale hilo there fellow earthlings! ♥

Untitled #17
Okay so I don't know if anyone has seen this blog but if you have, I deleted it and remade it because so many things were malfunctioning.
     Let's just get the boring stuff out of the way... I'll tell you about myself:
1. My name is Ronni.
2. I like food.  (And tbh anyone who doesn't is lulu in the head..)
3. I'm not really that interesting...
4. I'm an introvert, as you can tell from the title of this blog...
5. I HATE drama.
6. I'm fairly young, but I'm not sharing my age on here.  At least not yet.
7. I'll tell you that my birthday is January 8th though. ;)
8. I'm terrible at drawing and such, but I still love art.  And engineering.  *sob*  Those electives ended for me today.  Tomorrow I start Spanish and Music in Our World.  -.-
9. Ever since Halloween, I haven't been able to stop eating Starburst.  But Skittles is ultimately my favorite candy.  (Especially Skittles Riddles, but I'll eat absolutely any Skittles unless they've been stepped on or something...)
10. I'm a quiet person, but I'm only shy around people I don't know.  I think I have social anxiety, but don't take my word for it because I have no idea how to diagnose that or whatever...