Saturday, November 9, 2013

♥ Staying in Your Pajamas All Day... ♥

     Hilo!  So I stayed in my pajamas all day... and did nothing productive.  I was lazy and all I accomplished was watching TV and eating.  It was perfect!  And while there's a problem with the fact that I'd probably be lazy everyday if I could, I don't really care.  I probably won't have another day like this for a while, plus I stayed home all day and it's Saturday.  Saturday is practically National Lazy Day... (well it should be so I can make myself sound like I'm just following a socially acceptable tradition).  
    Tomorrow I'm seeing Thor!  :)  I can't wait until there's another Iron Man movie (at least I hope... don't take my word for it, but a girl can dream.  I like Iron Man too much, sorry nerd alert and I don't care anyway so).  I have to go back to school on Monday, which I find ridiculous considering it'll be Veteran's Day and like every other school is taking off.  Yeah, I got to have a four day weekend, but still.  It's a holiday.  More holidayish than Halloween!  So why can't I get one more day off?  Told you I'm really lazy...  I guess that's really it; another short post about my life.  I suppose it makes sense, considering I did nothing today.  :)  Bye!

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