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Rant #1: The Hallways aka PEOPLE

     Everyone has been in crowded hallways at some point in their life, so I have a question for you: are you one of those IDIOTS that just stops in the middle of the hallway for no reason everyday?  If not, does that happen where you are, or am I just going crazy?  I swear one of these days I'm just going to start screaming my way to all of my classes in hopes of getting through the traffic. I have been poked, stabbed, stepped on, shoved, pushed, tickled, and what ever other nonsense there is in the hallway.  I get that hallway traffic is unavoidable, but do you really need to stop for no reason?  If you drop something or you're helping someone pick something up, that's one thing.  But if all you stop for is to stare at the ceiling or talk to someone about how your boyfriend totally cheated on you because he smiled at another female, MOVE TO THE SIDE OF THE HALLWAY.  I have places to go and food to eat; I don't want to be late to class because you don't understand the concept of walking and talking, let alone walking at a normal or quick pace.  The people in my school are 12-14 years old, and most (if not all) have all of their well-functioning limbs, so why are they walking like ninety-five year olds?  It's absolutely ridiculous.
     Sounds annoying, right?  It gets worse.  Allow me to paint a picture for you; I'm walking behind this dude who's a grade above me, and approximately twice my size.  He's walking slower than a dying turtle, and I want to scream because someone's poking my back with a pencil and I'm being shoved by binders.  I open my mouth to tell him to walk faster, and nothing comes out.  I just look like an idiot moving my mouth with pencils and binders on my back.  I'm frightened.  They stranger's elbow is nose-level.  I'm pretty sure he could twist me into a permanent pretzel, and I suppose it would be better to have to run to class than to have to get Life Alert at such a young age, so I don't say anything and when he walks away, I rush to my class.  I get to class just before the bell, and I'm out of breath, whispering my hate for people.  (I don't hate all people, just the stupid ones... I don't hate people just because they walk slowly in the hallways, that would be stupid.  I'm just not a people person.)
     Question to you: is there anything about the hallways that bothers you?  Or is there no traffic or any other problems?


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